Otsuzumi (Japanese Drum) player from Okura school. Recognized as one of the Japan's Intangible Cultural
Treasures (overall recognition)
Shonosuke Okura
  Noh Otsuzumi Player of Okura School.
The general holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property.
Member of the Nohgaku Performersf Association (Public Interest Incorporated).
Member of the Japan Noh Association (General Incorporated).

Shonosuke OKURA, who was born in the head family of Okura school of Noh Otsuzumi and Kotsuzumi (big hand drum and small hand drum) which has been in existence since the Muromachi period, had taken lessons from his father Chojuro OKURA and grandfather Choemon OKURA, and made his debut at the age of nine.
He planned and produced gOkina tsuki Go-ryu Go-ban Nohh (five-play programme starting with shikisanban (Okina) performed by the five schools of Noh shite (actor playing main roles) ) by himself as an independent performance. In addition, he played Otsuzumi in the entire program alone in a day. He is the first Noh musicians who has achieved success in the unprecedented attempt.
Besides the traditional Noh performances, he played at the welcoming dinner parties for the leaders or VIPs of the countries in the prime minister's official residence, took part in many music festivals sponsored by the government, and he was also invited by the Pope of Rome to play at the Vatican Palace.
He also played at the opening ceremony of the MLB opening game at Tokyo Dome, and played a solo in the event of mixed martial arts eDynamitef at Tokyofs National Stadium in front of a hundred thousand of audience.
He has performed with artists of many countries and has taken an active part in international cultural exchange.
He has appeared in the media a lot such as commercials, documentaries and so on. He is continuing to transmit Japanese culture to the world.
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